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The sun is shining, wake up your dream -- 12 minutes to learn about the employment of disabled employees and the stories behind them.


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《关于完善残疾人就业保障金制度 更好促进残疾人就业的总体方案》


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《贫困残疾人脱贫攻坚行动计划 (2016-2020年)》


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Important Tips

Tips on the wages and treatment of the disabled

To the disabled who have participated in the work:

1.Disabled persons who are recommended to employers by the County disabled persons' Federation and Canpin company and formally employed,whose wage amount shall be clearly indicated in the labor contract. The wage card and password shall be kept by the employee properly. No institution or individual shall collect or detain the wage card of the disabled in any name;

2. All expenses such as training fee, physical examination fee, insurance fee, welfare fee, etc. incurred by the disabled in the process of employment shall be borne by the employer. No institution or individual will charge the disabled any fees in any name.

If you encounter the above problems, please contact us at 021-62220205.

Welcome to join "Inner Mongolia disabled employment poverty alleviation project"
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Cooperation process
  • Identify needs
  • Post development
  • Sign the agreement
  • Find and recommend
  • Data collection

    on-site interview / background survey / physical examination

  • Work delivery
  • Pre job training / attendance record
  • Handle commencement procedures for new staffs

    (labor contract / salary and social security / data archiving / commercial insurance

  • Mild refusal
  • Festival care
  • Apply for relief of employment security fund for the disabled
  • Continued employment

    health examination / commercial insurance / labor contract

  • Termination of employment / re-employment
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Listed company (HK: 03669)

Industry:Auto Sales / service

Job description:1. Release and maintain the information of more than 20 brands and hundreds of models of Yongda Automobile (pictures, quotations, information, etc.) by using mainstream automobile websites and forums such as autohome.com and bitauto.com.2. Collect and summarize the reputation ranking, popularity ranking and basic information (including price range and pictures) of competitive models in the market, so as to provide market decision-making reference for enterprises in a timely manner.
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Listed companies (NASDAQ: QTT)

Industry:Internet / APP

Job description:1. Review and proofread the news on the information platform;2. Always pay attention to and collect user evaluation, handle all kinds of violation information, and improve user experience;3. Respond to and handle all kinds of audit requirements and temporary needs rapidly.
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Listed companies(HK:00322)

Industry:Food and beverage / FMCG

Job description:Master Kong's full range of products in Taobao, JD.com, ele.me, meituan.com and other online businesses on the shelf rate, sales monitoring, and summary of various reports, regularly report to the marketing team.
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Foreign enterprise

Industry:clothing / durable consumer goods

Job description:1. Responsible for the online sales and customer service of Tmall flagship stores of its two major fashion brands;2. Order processing, shipment status follow-up, etc;3. Responsible for user evaluation and collection of competitive products.
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?Domestic Unicorn enterprise

Industry:New energy vehicles / Smart travel

Job description:Collect and sort out the listing information, online comments, promotion and test drive, competitive model information (including price range, pictures) of new energy vehicles in the market through autohome.com, bitauto.com and other automobile professional media. And send the sorted information to the marketing department in time by email.
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