Project Introduction

Inner Mongolia disabled employment poverty alleviation project

Project introduction

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is 2400 kilometers from east to west, covering a total area of 1183,000 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over nine prefecture level cities and three counties, with a permanent resident population of 25.34 million and 1.58 million disabled people.

In 2018, according to the spirit of the policy,such as “Notice on carrying out employment assistance activities for the rural poor disabled (letter of the Department of human resources and social security [2018] 113)”, “The action plan for poverty alleviation of the disable”,“Implementation plan of the 13th five-year plan for employment promotion of the disabled”, and “Regulations on employment of the disabled ”. Inner Mongolia County Economic Development Promotion Association, Inner Mongolia poverty alleviation and Development Association, Inner Mongolia Public Welfare Development Association and Shanghai Canpin Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched the poverty alleviation project for the disabled in Inner Mongolia.

The main targets of the poverty alleviation project are 18-50 years old people with severe language, hearing and physical disabilities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Who have basic computer operation skills, and strong desire for employment. Their jobs include e-commerce, data center, editing, Internet design, customer service, online operation, etc., The employment mode are "Internet + home-based employment".

Since the launch of the project, through the unremitting efforts of the sponsors, more than 30 counties have joined the disabled employment poverty alleviation project in Inner Mongolia. In less than a year, hundreds of severely disabled people have achieved "Internet plus home-based employment". They have been highly praised and widely praised by the Autonomous Regional Government, Autonomous Regional Federation of trade unions, Disabled persons' Federation of the Autonomous Region, Poverty Alleviation Office of the Autonomous Region, Regional Employment Bureau, Department of civil affairs of the Autonomous Region and Shanghai municipal departments.

"Inner Mongolia disabled employment poverty alleviation project" has helped the disabled in Inner Mongolia to achieve the goal of sustained employment and stable escape from poverty. It has also helped employers in economically developed areas such as Shanghai to significantly reduce labor costs and achieve a win-win situation for the disabled, employers and society.

It is estimated that by 2022, the poverty alleviation project for the disabled in Inner Mongolia will arrange 10000 impoverished severely disabled people to realize "Internet + home-based employment".

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