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企业简介:爱驰汽车,是一家用户深度参与的智能出行服务公司,致力于将智能科技创新性地应用人-车-出行-生活的各种场景,提供体贴入微个性化关怀并用于共创美好生活。总部及技术中心设立在上海 ,在德国设有全资子公司爱驰恭博汽车有限公司。

Domestic Unicorn enterprise

Industry: New energy vehicles / Smart travel

Job description:

Collect and sort out the listing information, online comments, promotion and test drive, competitive model information (including price range, pictures) of new energy vehicles in the market through, and other automobile professional media. And send the sorted information to the marketing department in time by email.